14/1/18 Colin Carter - IVFsynergy complete customer Floor plans to Fin – IVFSynergy

14/1/18 Colin Carter - IVFsynergy complete customer Floor plans to Finished Room

Jan 2017

Colin Carter

Whether you are looking at a small room or a large project.  We are keen to help you plan, model and execute your plans using our broad depth of experience and excellent understanding of the whole market place.  We are called Synergy for a reason.  We bring the right people together, and like working with some of the best people in the industry.

That is one of the benefits of having a wide portfolio to work with.  We wont force you into narrow products only made or supplied by us.  We do what is best for you and your project.  We have worked with some of the best people out there and thankfully we have an understanding of the time, and dedication it takes to make it.


Our floor plans and flows are designed with the outcome in mind and alongside our friends and contacts we are able to provide you with a very unique and well thought out business proposal.  We often see many of these projects take years to get off the ground and we are with you every step.  It gives us immense pleasure to know that we were part of something that matters so much.  Our end goal is the same as yours


Our planning and consulting service is entirely free at point of contact.  We may need to talk to you about further resources such as laboratory or theatre consultants who we use to assist us in the process.  We are able to provide you with a core bank of industry experts, who have all been through this daunting process already.

Our equipment sales guys are on hand to offer advice, design and logistical support to ensure your project gets off to the right start.  We are small, communicative team who in essence parachute into your organisation as a support team.

The engineers and installers are coordinated through our service channel and these guys are focused on making sure what you order arrives on time, gets into position and works, all ready for your own QC.



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