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Matcher - Electronic Witnessing

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Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, traceability and labelling system, specifically created for IVF clinics and donor banks to help prevent errors through misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos.

Despite using verbal checks to ensure patient safety, healthcare staff can make mistakes and the Matcher system gives both staff and patients the peace of mind that there is an electronic system in place to mitigate the risk of human error, and assist with the burden of traceability and compliance.

Matcher provides complete electronic traceability, recording the ‘who, what, where and when’ at every step, including photographs of all procedures taking place during a cycle of treatment.

Clinics using the Matcher system work with confidence knowing they have protected their staff and patients from the risk of mistakes, that the technology is safe and that they have a system in place that helps streamline their working practices, saving time and money.


"IMT help us to deliver quality every day, providing customised solutions and excellent service"

Dr Frederick Gagsteiger, Consultant Gynaecologist, IVF Zentrum Ulm and Fertility Centre Stuttgart, Germany


  • Error prevention – alerts to mistake before an incorrect transfer of material takes place.
  • Replaces all human double-checking – no second human confirmation required reducing staff hours and disruption.
  • Automatic traceability – matches, confirms and photographs the identity of the patient in every procedure.
  • Compliance – assists clinics to comply with competent authority requirements; validation and risk assessment support included; fits closely with clinics’ quality management accreditations.
  • Time saving – saves staff hours spent on witnessing, traceability and compliance.
  • Unbroken chain of custody – no gaps in the witnessing chain from registration through to cryo stores – no additional human verification required.
  • Photographic proof – every procedure is photographed, providing clear visual evidence of patient label details.
  • Safe technology – digital photo images are used to read the barcoded labels with no use of lasers, radio frequency or supplementary heating.
  • No capital cost – fees are ‘per cycle’ only with no capital costs and include equipment, installation, training, service, support, consumables and upgrades.
  • Simple installation – quick and easy to install – one week typical installation, including all testing and training.