CASA - SAMi – IVFSynergy


SAMi is a CASA (computer assisted semen analysis) system developed by reproductive scientists for routine use in an assisted conception or pathology lab setting or for research.


Sperm quality data is validated and supported by peer reviewed publication showing parity with the haemocytometer (World Health Organization recommended). Manpower savings of on average 14-15 minutes per sample are achievable using SAMi when compared to WHO recommended (WHO, 2010) methods for sperm concentration and motility. With the bonus of considerably improved reproducibility and objective measures of motility.


Basic Package

  • Microscope with phase contrast (usually x10 objective)
  • Dedicated video camera (60 frames per second)
  • PC (choice of mini hub, touchscreen all in one to suit laboratory)


  • Cell vision slides (20 micron depth only)
  • Heated microscope stage for analysis at 37⁰C


  • Edit screen before analysis (eliminates non sperm cells, optimizes detection) gives unrivalled sperm counting for CASA
  • Improved detection improves reliability of motility
  • Simple reporting system and storage of tracked or untracked video
  • Availability of EQA (external quality assessment) scheme for users