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IVFtech is a Danish company producing advanced equipment for IVF laboratories and Life Science facilities.  Within the UK&IRE they have supplied the most IVF Safety Cabinets of any supplier, and most IVF clinics are aware of their equipment and use it each and every day.  Our collaboration with them brings the best of both companies to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. 


Welcome to the IVFtech Family

Home of customized, quality products since 1998 IVFtech’s mission has been to supply and secure the best, customized solutions for your IVF laboratory and providing a secure atmosphere with reliable temperature, humidity, and CO2 equilibrium.

IVFtech Class II cabinet front view with scope prep


To give our customers the best service and quality in everything we do. For the next generation. We wish to create the best possible reliable and quality products. Our company supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, customized products, with the finest first-rate worldwide service. We want to provide impeccable and trustworthy products and be recognized as a company of honesty and customer commitment.

Be the marked leader of customized products, while using our knowledge to inspire and implement solutions for the future of IVF, today. We work hard every day to make IVFtech the world’s most respected IVF brand, by leading the way for high quality customized products, with beautiful design and integrity. State-of-the-art production facilities, skilled and experienced employees, and standardized workflows ensure the superior quality of IVFtech.

Every cabinet, table or any of the products we deliver to our customers fulfill the highest functions and reliability requirements of temperature, humidity, and CO2 equilibrium, and everything can be customized to meet your specific needs. The use of high-end materials, proven production processes incorporating continuous manufacturing and final tests guarantee a consistently high-quality level.

IVFtech - meet the team

Our streamlined management system with clearly defined workflows, rigorous quality control and the constant challenge to improve our processes are one of the key success factors for our customers’ satisfaction. The coalition of customized quality, reliability and innovation results in tangible benefits for our customers.

Every customer, every product, every time.