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Our Oosafe® products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide through our valuable distributors.

SparMED is a registered medical device manufacturer from Denmark with a range of CE marked products. They supply the safest products for use in IVF laboratories to help increase pregnancy rates around the world.

IVF synergy are pleased to be the distributors for your area and we have plenty of stock for all of your needs.

Samples of all items are available to anyone who would like to see the quality of these consumables.  Prices are very competitive and if you want to review spending on consumables are team are on hand to help.   


Oosafe Disinfectant is used in most of the UK and Irish clinics including  Research Centres and other facilities. Oosafe disinfectant has a wide range of applications, sizes and dispensers with stock available rapidly from our warehouse.  See detailed description for each product.


Our Plasticware products are available for every task.  In particular we find the six well dish with straw holder at the same focal plane as the 6-wells to be very useful and is very popular. 


The range of Cryoware enables you to use a wide range of colour, cane, tag and labelling combinations.  


We have successfully launched over 10 different Oosafe® products and our brand name has become well known in the IVF field, as has our company.

SparMED - the reliable company from Denmark.
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