Animal Sector - Eggtech – IVFSynergy

Animal Sector - Eggtech

Working in collaboration with our partners Eggtech we have built up a portfolio of suitable products and services used in the Veterinary and IVP markets.
Most of the products available from IVFsynergy are available for the Animal sector, either through Eggtech or you can ask us and we will assist Eggtech in supporting you. 
As a collaboration we are very keen to help the progression of the IVF sector in the animal markets.

At Eggtech we are proud to have earned a reputation for quality products and customer service.  
We've partnered with IVFsynergy to deliver technical equipment, consumables and laboratory expertise to our clients combining advances in Human IVF into the animal sector where appropriate.
    We endeavour at all time to provide the most reliable and safest products available.


      Although some products from IVFsynergy & Eggtech are compatible not all products are suitable, so please contact the team for further information if you see something you would like to discuss.