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Safety Cabinets & Isolators - Standard and Engineered

Overview of Biological Safety Cabinets

IVFSynergy have been working with Safety Cabinets from a range of suppliers, across a broad selection of classes, for a very long time.  Most Human IVF laboratories in the UK have equipment supplied from our main suppliers.

Our suppliers are carefully selected from a range of sources from both the UK ,Europe and Asia to ensure that we have a selection that is suitable for your particular application.

We are acutely aware that the correct design, use, service and after sales support are crucial in selecting the right safety cabinet or Isolator.  We have learnt that selecting a cabinet is often not as simple as selecting one in a brochure from a narrow list.  

Because these Items are so large and often the main work area for a great many laboratories, the mistakes made with a cabinet in a facility are very hard to undo, and last a very long time.    

As a result, IVFsynergy supply a wide range of options within Class I, II & III in both horizontal and vertical flow.  Our services and support make sure that your decision is the correct one for your application.  We supply a wide range of units that range from very simple, to more complex well thought out and designed cabinets.

Our knowledgeable advisers are available to visit the premises and make sure we understand your needs, using their hard won expertise to help you make the right decision for your facility.  At the same time we will review site access and advise on how these large units are going to get into final position.  We are then able to recommend options that are either standard or bespoke.

Prices are detailed in formal quotes with no hidden extras and you know from our designs and drawings exactly what will be supplied to you.  All quotes for equipment include the logistics, insurance, delivery and commissioning as required.

Image of inside a cabinet with heating - IVFsynergy               Cabinet Designs class II with Heating

Our installation and service team can conduct a range of test as required and in compliance to British and European Standards.

Our testing procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) include the following.

  • Particle Monitoring
  • AirFlow
  • General Function Test
  • KI Discus Test
  • Filter Integrity Test
  • Airflow & Airflow Integrity Testing
  • Instrument Calibration 
  • UKAS Standards (as requested) for Diagnostic Laboratories

We supply and fit a range of consumables elements and decontamination needs including Carbon, Prefilter and HEPA filters.

For the advanced IVF laboratory with a need for integrated microscopes, light sources and heating we are proud to supply IVFtech equipment. 

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