Company Overview – IVFSynergy

Company Overview

Leave it better than you found it.  That was the message we grew up with and that is how we operate in everything we do.  IVFsynergy was formed from the idea that we could leave it better than we saw it, and we could help others do the same. 

We operate with three key principles we summarised into

Knowledge, Dedication, Design 

 - Knowledge - Know what you are about and know where to find the answers

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With a strong engineering and service background, spanning a combined 30+yrs of expertise, we set out to build a service organisation first and front. 

The team at IVFsynergy has worked for a wide range of life science and medical device companies, and draw in team expertise from project management and facility services management.  We have built up our client base to include a full range of clinics, universities and research centres.  In the IVF market we have engagements with all the biggest names and units and are involved in some simply ground breaking Life Sciences projects.


Dedication - Nothing gets done without focused, thoughtful work.

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We care a great deal about our work and what that means.  We love what we do, and each of our team is passionate about the impact we have. 

We have built our reputation over the years as the people that "get it done", who are a "safe set of hands".  The grafters, who simply work until the project is complete.  If you need us, you can catch most of our team 7 days a week.  The team work around the timings in the laboratory or theatre, often working evenings and weekends to reduce down time.  

Design - Plan your work, work that plan and deliver it. 

We don't do anything unless we have thought about it, planned and scheduled it.

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If we sell it, we have to be able to offer expert support, and if needed, to service it.  If we don't service it directly we will manage the process, from paper to laboratory.  Offering a complete, well designed solution. 

We have completed a wide range of design ideas from concept to completion.  From full clinical laboratory / theatre design and build, to service and procurement management and asset life management or simply finding you that right product for that one idea you have.  We are happy to put you in contact with any of our previous or current clients.  

With that in mind we grew our business from a service support company to provide the widest range of products and deepest pool of expertise we had available and have not looked back. 

We ensured that our supply chain has the necessary technical and professional ability to ensure good delivery of public services and value for money to the NHS and also that of private companies.  To that end we are registered with the Government Public Contracts Supplier Register and are able to demonstrate our "reliability of performance by previous contracts" in accordance with Public Contract Regulations (2015) and the specific Government policy, that a suppliers' previous performance is taken into account.

We only provide products that we are able to support and service and we are always aware that the details matter.  We strive to make sure that we leave it better than we found it.


Rob Watkins

Owner and Director

IVFsynergy Ltd