Microscopes – IVFSynergy


We have what can only be described as a real obsession with Microscopes.  Self confessed and fully paid up Microscopy nerds.  Its just one of those things.  Before all the other products and wonderful companies that support what we do there were Microscopes... and they are king. 

Whether it is a small "one off" purchase or a larger investment in several systems, our team of Microscope nerds are here to help.

Objective lenses


We directly support and have contracts with all mainstay Microscope providers, such as Nikon, Leica, Olympus, and have a range of lower grade alternatives suitable for less stressful applications. 

As a result our prices are some of the leanest in the sector.


Scientist looking down scope

Our decisions of Microscope builds and assemblies come from years of being hands on with them and having an understanding of the balance between what is desired and what is achievable within the restraint of function.  Just because it is possible does not mean we should do it.  The balance of compromise and ergonomics is one that is hard won in Microscopy and can be very costly.  Let us provide you with all the right tools for your applications.