Laboratory Monitoring Equipment – IVFSynergy

Laboratory Monitoring Equipment

We've been testing and validating IVF laboratory equipment for years.  These are literally the tools of our trade.  We supply a wide range of laboratory monitoring equipment to Laboratory and UKAS standards.

All of our equipment is tried and tested over many years and comes recommended to us from our customers who use them each and every day

From VOC and Particles to Gases and Temperature we have a complete suite of testing machines and monitors that help to maintain the correct laboratory environment.

All of our machines and monitors are supplied either with the FAT test or with UKAS certificates as standard. 

Over in our Service section you will find details on our calibration and testing service for these units.  We use the same machines to carry out our own servicing of equipment in the field, so we uniquely know the benefits and weaknesses of each system.  Give the Service guys a call to see what they recommend.