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Returns & Repairs

It's a fact of life that things break.  Circuits fry and people damage stuff.  Like the assurance of death and taxes, you can be sure something will break just when you need to have it working. 

The hard part is keeping on top of all of that when you are busy and you have lots of staff available to break stuff for you.  Add to the mix the importance of some of that critical equipment, and we have a situation of high pressure and high risk.

Our team of engineers have been fixing things for years.  Most of them started when they were kids and never really changed. 

The sort of people you would ask to fix just about anything back then, are still the right people to ask now.  With years of professional training, the correct tools and test equipment alongside comprehensive protocols and paperwork, we strive to improve on their natural abilities of our engineers.


Electrical cables various colours

When something has failed, IVFsynergy supply a wide range of parts for the equipment serviced, and following years of networks, if it's still being made we can source it correctly, quickly and cost efficiently.  If we can we will replace the part, test the unit, and certify the equipment as soon as possible.  Reducing your stress and the downtime of the equipment.


Coloured cables and connectors


If we can't source the part we can often either source an alternative or will authorise the retirement of the equipment for your business succession planning if that's what you need.