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IVFtech - Benchtop Incubator

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Below you will find some useful product details

Embryo safe environment control

Optimal growth potential due to controllable environment stable temperature and atmosphere

Each chamber fits 4 dishes, so all in all 16-32 separate dishes are possible.

Individually heated chambers, bottom and top heat pads 2 gas sensors in mixing chambers (CO2 + O2) to ensure optimal mixture

Set points for temperature and gas

Offsets for temperature and gas Big mixing chamber for rapid recovery when opening/closing lids

Dedicated gas sampling ports for each chamber HEPA+VOC filtered air stream

No premix gas needed, built-in gas mixer CO2 + N2 input gasses, low pressure inlet

Low steady state power consumption (95W) at 37 degrees Celsius

Stable temperature control, quick recovery Stable and precise gas control, rapid recovery

Low gas consumption (CO2 : 1.0 L/h, N2 : 4.0 L/h)

Effortless cleaning due to streamlined/sleek design, making for a spotless working environment