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Exciting new product partnership

      IVFsynergy Ltd proudly announce its new partnership with Allwin Medical Devices. Allwin are a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of medical devices within Women’s Health. The company is based in Anaheim, California, and provides its customers with high quality devices at cost-effective prices. The products are enjoying excellent results and finding good positioning across the globe.  In addition to this, the company’s founders have over 30 years of combined experience in the medical device industry and regulatory affairs.  The partnership and supply chain with the experienced team at IVFsynergy brings great products to the market, through...

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New Product - Testsimplets from Waldeck

IVFsynergy is proud to announce it now stocks Testsimplets pre-stained slides from Waldeck for spermatozoal staining. WEB PAGE HERE     Testsimplets are ready-to-use slides which are pre-stained with standard dyes, saving time and costs in relation to differential diagnostic microscopy. Due to their design, Testsimplets enable a simple and clean procedure which eliminates the need for staining procedures. Aside from differential spermatozoal staining, Testsimplets have a variety of uses, and can be applied in cancer cytology, urinary cytology, cerebrospinal fluid cytology, nasal cytology. Furthermore, researchers agree that Testsimplets are particularly useful and popular with IVF clinics that share a lab...

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IVFsynergy turns 5!!!

IVFsynergy celebrates its 5th birthday, thanking its suppliers, customers, employees and everyone who has helped along the way.

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MIRI filters and replacements

While you may be familiar with how your Esco Miri incubator works, are you aware of how frequently your hepa / VOC needs changing?

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Gas Sensors - A quick guide

CO2 and O2 sensors - A quick discussion and overview of the technology, usage and replacements of the different sensors which are so fundamental to the smooth running of cell culture labs

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