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What happens if there's no trade deal by 31 December?

A Never Ending story ?    When transition ends on 31 December, the UK will automatically drop out of the EU's main trading arrangements (the single market and the customs union). The single market means that countries share the same rules on product standards and access to services, whereas the customs union is an agreement between EU countries not to charge taxes (tariffs) on each other's goods. However, if a new UK-EU trade deal is not agreed in time then tariffs and border checks would be applied to UK goods travelling to the EU - under the rules of the World...

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COVID 19 Updates

  IVFsynergy are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and and its subsequent waves.  We are doing all in our power to ensure the safety of our staff, support partners and clients whilst continuing to support our supply chain and sites as fully as possible. This statement will be regularly updated as per the latest advice from the  World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England (PHE). Updated 26/10/2020 We recognise the strain and difficulties that organisations are facing across all sectors at this unprecedented and worrying time and are maintaining operations fully due to the role our company plays in ensuring critical equipment in our partner...

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Disinfectant - Are your hands clean and safe enough ?

  Keep on top of your cleaning protocols with hand, surface and key equipment disinfectant.  Microbiological Efficacy:  Bactericide and fungicide (Candida). It is also effective against flu viruses (H1N1/H5N1) Oosafe® Hand Disinfectant 500 ml with pump     Health and safety • MEA and HSSA tested • Transparent • Odourless • Alcohol-free • No VOC release • Keeps your skin soft High quality • Ready-to-use solution • Security sealed • Valid for 3 years, even after opening • Long term disinfection/low evaporating rate • Fast disinfection effect   Hand Disinfectant is available in a range of sizes for easy dispensing....

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Leave it better than you found it - we are working hard to improve what we do and what our customers can expect.  Keeping in contact with us as we grow means that you are keeping up to date with the new products and services we offer in 2020

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Are you aspirating correctly ?

Is it time to check your tube sets and aspirator settings ? 

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