Servicing – IVFSynergy


We built the whole company around high level, lower cost service provision. 

Our team are well versed in installing, fixing, preventing and managing customer assets.   Our team has been hand picked, and for one reason or another all have life experience and understand why what you do is so important.

Our Service Team are able to :-

  • Servicing single items
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (HFEA compliance)
  • Emergency Call Out 48HRS
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Service Management (Complete wrap around)
  • Total Asset Management

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We are passionate about providing you with the best.  For years we heard about complaints and failed equipment and we simply knew that we could do something with that and improve the cover and the service level provided.  We set out to write the plan.  Our desire to make our services competitive soon became policy.

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With the help of many in the UK community we were directed to areas where we could make a difference and leave it better than we found it.  The team all work with this in mind and we are dedicated to making the best provision we can.

Whether you rely on us for a little, or a lot, the ethos from us is still the same.  Our intent is to get you back to the job of making magic things happen.

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Some of the facilities we work with are well versed in planned preventative maintenance and we are still asked to help to manage this for them.  Others need a little more hands on help.  Some just have a unit or piece of kit that is down and want a good engineer to come in and look at it for them, fix it if possible or make a recommendation on what to do. We are able to Service the following:-

        • Incubators
        • Safety Cabinets and Isolators
        • Fridges
        • Freezers
        • Cryologic Vessels liquid and vapour phase
        • Microscopes
        • Tube warmers
        • Suction Pumps
        • Heated Tables
        • Theatre Beds
        • Balances
        • Centrifuges
        • Pipettes
        • Hot Blocks
        • Manipulators 
        • Laboratory Deep clean 
        • Monitors and Meters
        • Alarms systems
        • Cameras and Imaging
        • Sealers

*There are some restraints on equipment depending on their engineering.

We are professionals in this first and foremost.  We have engineers and facilities that provide for us UKAS accreditation to a range of recognised standards which are available both offsite and at the facility, as well as ISO9001 certification as needed.  

Our engineers hold training and agent certificates, as well as UKAS certified testing equipment.  They understand the specific needs of the customer before they attend site and provide comprehensive equipment reports and summaries.

IVFsynergy provide liaison with the customer and discuss the assets that the unit owns and the service planning associated with that equipment.

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Where a multitude of equipment is being used hours and hours are being wasted at the site by its staff dealing with, organising and paying masses to different companies and agents.  On the day of service multiple entries into the laboratory are needed, as well as kit changes, down time and disruption all occurring. 

At IVFsynergy we take that all away and stream line your own personal experience, and you deal with us, with a minimal of fuss and down time.  We deal with the companies and the engineers as required, allowing you to get back to the work you have in front of you and reduce the disruption to the facility, its staff and its equipment.

Our Service team are easy to access