Meet the IVFsynergy Team – IVFSynergy

Meet the IVFsynergy Team

At IVFsynergy we wanted to bring together like minded people, companies and customers to offer our consumables and equipment users, genuine, independent, unbiased, clinical choice.  We believe that in clinical matters, the best in class should win on merit, not marketing or sales pitch.  Our people are the same.  The team and the products are both here because they deserve to be.  
IVFsynergy and its team reaches across a large global supply chain, with an effective local sales team.  We are owned and operated from a UK Cornwall office, with established staff and our own technicians across England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.  We also work with a wide range of trusted, vetted and trained sub contractors.
We know, and love what we do. 
We know we are only as good as the last job we do for someone, or how people speak about us.  We rely on the latest solutions and end results.
Please ask around, chat with others who work with us.  The team are confident this is where you will see plenty of people to support our work.  We really don't think you need us to influence you. 
"Perfect service.  Very smooth company.  Fast delivery and helpful staff! highly recommend."
'Your team are the simply the best people I have worked with.  They are a credit to you, and all you have achieved"
Our Team
Nicki - Director

Nicki (BSc) is our Director of finance. She deals with purchasing, invoicing, and handles her fair share of Sales and Office duties too.  Outside of work, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her family at the beach.


Office - Team
Judith - Technical

Judith oversees our technical sales and the MHRA / regulatory affairs side of the business.  Originally a native of Germany, she helps IVFS maintain our Global connections and ensures solid European relations with our supply chain and partners. Outside of work, Judith loves to bake, explore the Cornish countryside, and visit her friends and family in Germany.


Anita - Office Support

Introducing Anita, the consumable Rockstar who wears many (bucket) hats at IVFsynergy! In addition to managing your consumable orders, Anita is also responsible for invoicing and handling general enquiries.  She is an expert at ensuring that clients receive their orders on time and in perfect condition.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills are second to none, and she always goes above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations.   When she's not busy working her magic in invoicing and enquiries, Anita loves nothing more than hitting the beach and jamming to Pearl Jam.  You can always spot her wearing her trusty bucket hat, which is just one of the many things that make her stand out.


Service Team
Colin - Service Manager

Colin is our service expert, responsible for organising service, repairs, and installations. Colin is our 'steady hand' and has been with us at IVFsynergy for many years, boasting an extensive knowledge of all things service. He organises our sub contractors and testing facilities.  In his free time, you can find Colin enjoying a curry, watching LUFC play or listening to Prince.


Sam - Service Support

Sam (BSc) deals with product sales, service support and assists you with your general business enquiries and requests.  As a recent Business Management graduate, he has returned to Cornwall and is now keen to apply his knowledge, supported by our post graduate programme (UCP). He enjoys going to the gym and listening to music.


Technicians / Engineers
Simon - England
Gary - Scotland
Rick - Engineer (UK) 
Dale - Service (South)
Rob Watkins - Managing Director
Rob (BSc) is the managing director/owner of IVFsynergy. His main role is steering the company ship, researching new products and ventures, and working closely with clinics to help them progress.  He spends a good portion of his time off site, visiting suppliers and clinics to support, service and install new equipment.  He has been involved in medical supplies and technology his whole working life, and loves what he does.
'Our team is lovely.  They know their stuff and really focus on the detail.  I love the passion and the desire to do the right thing that they bring each and every day.  They are the sort of people you know you can rely on to do their best and deliver the solutions, not the problems.'  RJW
Trusted Support