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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

With the PPM programme we take responsibility for your service needs across the equipment range and life cycle.  We manage, co-ordinate and schedule all the works in a best fit effort to prevent issues before they turn critical.  Conformance wise we ensure that you are compliant with HFEA or similar statutory governing bodies and have the right paperwork to demonstrate. 

We know each account is different.  Understanding the whole picture is the first part of our task, as it's not always clear.  Even to those customers and companies who have been doing it for years, a little help in seeing the picture is always welcome.


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Starting with the initial consultation and floor plan, our objective is to quickly get to the bottom of the overall service provision currently in place and we then look to reduce the time, stress, costs and hassle.  We work alongside the current team and take on the positives already in place and enhance them.  Replacing what is often a massive personal time and staff responsibility with qualified channel partners who are well versed and trained to conduct the works and certifications alongside.


Our unique approach reduces both staff stress and laboratory equipment downtime and in some instances we help co-ordinate other suppliers or services to combine with the schedules we draw up with the unit lead.  We soon get everything in a row and manage it, frequently for the close down period schedule.  
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Hannah Newby Lead Clinical Embryologist - Hewitt fertility Centres
"When we were considering working with IVFSynergy to help coordinate our preventative maintenance needs we had concerns about spending a significant amount of money on a service that may be thought of as “just part of our job”. Would it be worth the money?
I can confirm that it definitely was.
The time that we used to spend on contacting companies, negotiating deals and then organising engineers is now much better spent on improving the service for our fertility patients.
IVFSynergy seamlessly coordinate our servicing and maintenance needs with very little input needed from us. The company are a pleasure to work with and the continuity with service engineers gives us confidence that our equipment is in the best of hands, which in turn means we are providing the best service to our patients"

Our aim has been to ensure that we drive our business from clinic to clinic, laboratory to laboratory to ensure that we are scaling our service provision along with our clients needs.  This led us to provide wider, more encompassing support.

Although a fully managed service is the very pinnacle of that provision, our clients that use the service benefit from an enhanced service cover and are able to focus their time and expertise at what they are trained to do. 

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We make no apologies for it, and nor should you.  Our team do this all day everyday.  We have yet to look at the numbers from a site and seen anything that we offer which is anything less than cost neutral / negative in the overall business setting.  We are cheaper than your staff doing this work and we do it better than many.  Saving our current clinics many tens of thousands of pounds, regardless of size or shape. 

It is a free consultation process and the team are happy to review your PPM Service needs.   


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