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The purpose of a carbon pre-filter


Some Safety Cabinets make use of an external carbon pre-filter. The purpose of the carbon pre-filter is to purify the air which passes through it, preventing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminating airflow. This works via a process called adsorption, in which material travels from a gas or liquid phase and forms a superficial monomolecular layer on a solid or liquid condensed phase.

The common carbon pre-filters are manufactured to remove 99.97% of particles that have a size either greater or equal to 0.3 microns. Despite having a different application to HEPA filters, they are just as important.

Whilst many users understand the importance of replacing the internal HEPA filter inside their Safety Cabinets, they often underestimate or overlook the importance of changing the carbon pre-filter. Unlike HEPA filters which are normally replaced every 5-7 years, carbon pre-filters on Safety Cabinets should be replaced every 3-6 months, as per the manufacturer's recommendations. The longer this is left, the less effective your carbon pre-filters will be.

Fortunately, a carbon pre-filter is extremely straightforward to replace, and does not require a visit from an authorized service agent to do so.  You simply take the existing carbon pre-filter, dispose of it in a medical waste bag, unpackage and unroll the replacement filter, and lay it flat along the top of the Safety Cabinet.


The IVFtech carbon pre-filter comes in 2 varieties:

33450120: For 0.9m/1.2m Hoods

33450180: For 1.5m/1.8m Hoods



If you would like to know more about carbon pre-filters, or would like to make a purchase, please email

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