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IVFsynergy and Rocket Medical

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the highly regarded Rocket Pumps into our Portfolio at IVFsynergy.  This collection includes classic/ digital models

We are delighted to stock the Craft, Duo and the Digital Oocyte system here at IVFsynergy as well as all the filter packs and connection sets.

The newer Digital pump is packed full of great features which build on the classic aspiration machine that Rocket Medical are well known for.

 IMMEDIATE VACUUM RESPONSE and CUT-OFF is achieved with digital pump and valve control, giving immediate low vacuum up to 300mmHg-1 and high vacuum to 500mmHg-1 .

 INTUITIVE ROTARY CONTROL permits simple, infinitely variable adjustment of desired vacuum in 5mmHg-1 increments from 0-300mmHg-1 .

 BLUE LED VACUUM DISPLAY ensures clear, unobtrusive readability in subdued lighting

 FLASHING PUMP ACTIVE INDICATOR to clearly identify the pump is operational and generating vacuum.

 AIR OPERATED DUAL TOGGLE FOOTSWITCH OPERATION reduces operator fatigue by removing the need for constant pressure on a footswitch. High Vacuum is a single click away.

 UNIVERSAL 12 VOLT SYSTEM for use with 110-240VAC 50/60Hz mains power supplies.

 FILTER CONNECTION SET with soft, low weight tubing to reduce drag.

 INTEGRAL SERVICE INDICATOR constantly monitors pump performance and adjusts the service period against pump workload which means the pump is always serviced at the correct interval.

 HIGHLY RELIABLE: Rocket Suction Pumps have a proven 20 year history of reliability and excellent value. This latest generation carries on that strong tradition.


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