At IVFsynergy we are very pleased to be heading into 2020 with a clear vision of our new and expanding consumables range despite a changing European scene.
The business was designed and built on the understanding that you are gifted knowledge from dedicated listening to customers and suppliers. 
Our customers asked us to look at an independent range of consumables and this is just what we did, bringing together key suppliers to offer independent choice.
Why us ?
 Synergy - is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergos, meaning "working together". 
The whole purpose of our business - working together with good people
We are proud to say that our independent business was made, and will remain in Britain, sourcing and supplying our customers here and abroad.
It is important to us to help support British industry, innovation and business.



It's here.  Our future, regulation, duty, shipping and trade will all change. 
It will be happening whether we like it or not. 
We are well prepared, with a business that is small and quick enough to deal with these hurdles as they inevitably come along.  Our mutual experience and dedication is enough to navigate the new path as things change. 
We supply and stock more than you might expect with typically three months worth of stock on shelves for immediate despatch.  How often have others got your important orders incorrect, or shipped late ? with the new changes, is it time to reconsider your other supplies or have a plan B back up...
Independent Brands

The brands we stock are long established global names in the industry.  We work with experienced partners who have been serving the IVF industry for many years, who have helped develop the market as it is today. 

IVFsynergy are able to provide an unequalled platform for independent supply, support, innovation and technical know how.  


We have a wide range of consumables for all types of procedures and applications from Theatre tube sets to Cryo canes.

Check out the range we have here:

Orders placed before 10 am usually ship same day


We know that we need to be very competitive with much lower overheads to overcome, so please contact our team if you are looking to review things 

You are likely to be surprised at what prices are on offer.





Denudation Tips






In line Filters


Needles Catheters and Tube sets 

The best source of UK based alternative supplier options 






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