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Vitrostash - Cryo Storage Maximising Solution

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Our customers are struggling more and more with floor space in their storage facilities.  When there is no more floor space, our solution has been to either build out or build up.  IVFsynergy are happy to collaborate with Mitrone Healthcare to bring you a new innovation to solve this problem.   

If you are currently using the standard 47/11 dewar (or equivalent) for storage, ColdStash has developed a revolutionary system to easily double your storage capacities.
There is no need to change anything in your lab and yet you can increase your storage from 192 patients to 384. It’s that simple.
  • Labs worldwide are faced with storage space limitations. VitroStash is the simple, cost-effective storage enhancement solution.
  • A dewar retrofit with VitroStash will cost about half of a new dewar.
  • VitroStash increases current storage capacities by 2X.
  • LN2 LockTM drain-less canister provides a secure continuous liquid nitrogen immersion environment for all samples during transfers.
  • No need to change current lab configurations.
  • Fewer dewars further reduces energy, alarms and LN2 costs.



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