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IVFsynergy - Temperature Mapping Units (TMU's)

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For all your Temperature Controls, Refrigerators, Freezers, incubators, cold chain, Transport, Process, Quality Controls in laboratories and off site.

IVFsynergy has a range of TMU's and Discs/Buttons which can supply temperature data logging.  These can be arranged to either log retrospectively, or in real time.

The units are very small and can fit into dishes, devices and areas to allow calibrated and reliable temperature monitoring across a range of accuracy parameters depending on your application from ± 0.1 º - 0.5º C

All devices are validated and calibrated with UKAS certificates.  Each device includes a calibration certificate fully compliant with local regulations and traceability requirements. 

Depending on the device and set up, feedback is either done using a small device to download the retrospective data which is then reported in software on a PC or via low energy bluetooth to a phone app or pc app to view historical and real time data.

Small, splash-proof, rugged, it can survive any harsh environment.

Collected data is stored with date and time in the protected memory.

  • Diameter 16 mm - Thickness 6 mm
  • Records date and time
  • Programmable low and high alarm thresholds with temp parameters
  • Free memory for information storage
  • Battery life span: up to 10 years (depends on models and applications)