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Taylor Wharton / Worthington

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Cryogenic storage for long term applications in medical, scientific, biobanking and industrial applications.

Taylor-Wharton / Worthington Cryogenics is a leading manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the design and production of cryogenic storage vessels for liquefied gases




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Part No: 35HCB
Ref. No: 10-033-01-0023
Manufacturer: Taylor Wharton - Worthington

Static holding time - 130 days
Working time - 81 days
Normal Evaporation rate (litres/day) - 0.27
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - 35 litres
Weight Empty / Full (kg) - 17.7 / 46
Neck Diameter (mm) - 119
Overall Height / Diameter (mm) - 681 x 478
Vial Capacity 1020
Includes 10x canisters 67x279mm