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Particle Counter

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We offer two option of handheld particle counter.  A standard unit and the more impressive handle based unit.

These handheld particle counters are the ideal instruments to provide air quality spot checks and verification that air filtration is meeting current regulatory standards.

They can be used to measure airborne particles in flow hoods, cleanrooms, and HEPA filtered incubators giving you confidence that you are maintaining good air quality within your facility.


Simple Handheld Unit

Handheld Particle Counter offers the most features and flexibility for customers interested in a low cost and versatile handheld particle counter. The Model 9303 features a sturdy yet lightweight high impact injection-moulded plastic design for easy handling. The instrument is easy to configure using an intuitive keypad. The internal memory can store up to 1,500 sample records of particle count data which can be conveniently viewed on screen or downloaded to units own Secure Software. The instrument reports up to three particle sizes simultaneously. The middle channel is user set for either 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, or 2.5 µm.

**Available with our without hard case


Handle Based Higher Spec Unit

Handle held Particle Counter offers the most features and flexibility for customers interested in versatile handheld particle contamination monitoring. The Model features an ergonomic handle with thumb controls, for easy one-hand operation. The 9 cm colour touch-screen interface makes it easy to configure and operate. This model can generate Pass/Fail reports for ISO 14644-6 / EU GMP/Annex 1.

Particle count data can be conveniently viewed on screen, downloaded using Secure Software, or printed directly to an optional external printer. Multiple particle counter configurations can be conveniently stored and uploaded as needed with reporting software supplied as standard. The unit complies with all the stringent requirements set forth in ISO 21501-4. These particle counters are delivered fully tested and calibrated.