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Metrum 2 High Accuracy Digital Thermometer

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Dual Channel Digital Thermometer has been designed to meet the demands of fertility clinics and research laboratories.

It is small in size and extremely easy to use. It delivers accurate and repeatable temperature measurements saving precious time on QC operations. 

Embryologists can use the METRUM 2 to perform temperature measurements on liquids, surfaces and calibrate incubators, laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets, and warming systems.

The unit is supplied with two specially designed high-accuracy temperature measurement probes.

 Key Features

  • Dual channel temperature measurement
  • Temperature display Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Ambient temperature measurement
  • Displays Minimum, Maximum, or Average temperature
  • Hold function
  • High and low alarms for rapid detection of temperatures outside the limits
  • Date and time display
  • Powered by a single 9V battery
  • Ability to power via USB (Adaptor included)
  • Battery life indicator
  • USB connectivity to monitor / review temperature on PC, Laptop or Tablet 

Liquid Temperature Measurement  (TMP)

The liquid measurement probe is suitable for liquid temperature measurement inside Petri-dishes and test tubes.

Surface Temperature Measurement (TSP)

The surface measurement probe is suitable for surface temperature measurement inside incubators and on any heated surfaces.  Heavy enough to have direct contact with surfaces.