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Matcher Photo ID and Security

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During the registration process, each patient can be given a high quality, clinic branded photo ID card which provides tangible reassurance for patients, with added confidence that a secure system is in place to help prevent mistakes in their treatment.

  • Quick and simple to produce - Printable at reception when patients register.
  • Configurable content - 
      • Only print the fields you want on the ID card 
      • Add your clinic's own logo and emergency contact details. 
  • Unbroken chain - Confirming the correct identity of a patients ID card is the only 'point of entry' in the Matcher system. 
  • No extra cost - ID cards and ID card printers can be provided as part of the system. 
  • Easily replaced - If a patient forgets to bring their ID card, or loses it, a replacement can easily be produced. 
  • Available Electronically - Clinics can also send ID cards to patients as a PDF.