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Matcher Mini Benchtop Reader

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The Mini Benchtop Matcher Reader

This device is totally safe, capturing digital photo images of every step without the use of lasers, radio frequency radiation, supplementary heating or any equipment modifications.


  • Fast - Minimal time spent witnessing


  • Super sensitive -  Autofocus readers react to barcodes proactively as you work


  • Small - Ideal when space is limited such as small cabinets and isolettes


  • Flexible - Choose from a variety of mounting positions for efficient witnessing in any location, including under the microscope

What does it capture? 

  • Unique barcode - Each barcode codes for the clinic database, patient ID and unique label or item number


  • Photo -  Both devices capture time-stamped photos of the barcode labware


  • Data - Each recorded scan includes the time, date, reader, location and user