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Labotect InLine Filter (Labotect Incubators)

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REF 16586

Provides effective protection for your embryos and cells
Removes VOCs and particles from the gas before it enters your incubator


  • Can be used with any CO2incubator
  • For CO₂, N₂ and mixed gas (max. 21 % O₂)
  • Connection for quick coupling - fast and safe installation
  • Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from gas
  • Additional PE-layer removes particulates
  • Very small and effective


  • Activated carbon filter formed by sintering
  • Removes VOCs (e.g. oil vapours, aldehydes, furans, odorous substances, aromatic compounds, ketones, pyridines, and CHC) from gases entering the incubator
  • Excellent absorption capacity and very low pressure loss
  • For pressures up to 2 bar (Labotect CO2 incubators: 0.8 bar)
  • For tubing 6/4x1 [6.4 mm OD, 4.3 mm ID (1/4" OD - 0.17" ID)] (other diameters upon request)
  • For best results, we recommend changing the filter every 3 months (the maximum recommended useful life is up to 6 months)

REF 16586 Gas In-Line-Filter with integrated connection for quick coupling

REF 16587 Coupling body for tubing 6/4x1 (other diameters upon request)