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Labotect CellTrans+ Transport Incubator

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REF 16529

CO2 transport incubator for a secure and mobile preservation of specimen, culture media etc.

Advantages of CellTrans+:

  • Can also be used as back up in case of incubator or power outage
  • Temperature adjustable between 30 °C and 42 °C
  • COadjustable between 0 % and 10 %
  • Reliable humidity system
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Insert for 16 Falcon tubes of 5ml and 13ml each

Duration with completely charged accumulator:

  • 10 h at 23 °C ambient temperature


  • Interior chamber
Anodized aluminium 
Insert: stainless steel
  • Temperature

Over-all heating of the lateral surface, bottom and lid of the incubation chamber
Homogeneous temperature distribution

  • Humidity

Via humidifying disc Ø 50 mm

  • CO2

Dual beam infrared sensor
Measurements independent of temperature and humidity

  • Recovery times

Short recovery times for all adjustable parameters through microprocessor controlled regulation

  • Easy navigation

Menu guided
Backlit LCD

  • Interfaces

USB interface for data evaluation via PC Software DataVISUAL ’19  (in the scope of supply) (Compatible up to Windows 10)

Technical Data:

Power supply

100 V – 240 V, 60 W
12 V car cable


Exterior: 386 x 251 x 370 mm (l x w x h in mm)
Interior: ø 160 mm, Height 130 mm, volume approx. 1.7 l
Empty weight approx. 10 kgs.

Temperature control

Control range 30 °C – 42 °C at 3 °C above room temperature
Temperature homogeneity ± 0.2 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.1 °C

CO2 regulation

Control range 0 – 10 % CO2
Control accuracy 0.3 % CO2

COpressure tank

Capacity 0.4 l
Pressure 8 bar


Safety class I
Conform to EN 61010


  • REF 17357     Pressure reducing valve for CO2 0 - 10 bar

Basic Supply:

  • Transport incubator CellTrans+
  • Mains adapter
  • Car voltage adapter cable
  • Connection hose for CO2 supply
  • Disc for humidification
  • USB data cable
  • PC software DataVISUAL ’19 (on a USB stick) for data evaluation
  • Insert for 16 Falcon tubes of 5 ml and 13 ml each