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Service -  Synergy Reference Service SRS - IVFSynergy

Service - Synergy Reference Service SRS

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IVF Synergy Reference Service  (SRS) - Our unique service where we help you by putting the unknown pieces together. 

SRS provides users with the benefit of third party testing and validation of a wide range of parameters crucial in the Laboratory Environment with calibrated sensors and machine to industry standards.

Separate to service visits, the Reference Service allows our customers access to our high accuracy, temperature, CO2, pH, VOC and Particle sampling testing without the high costs associated with owning multiple calibration monitors along with the cost of the capital spend and staff time.

Many laboratories often only have one or two thermocouples, when mapping and validation of multiple areas in something like afridge is near on impossible 

The service is scaled depending on your personal needs and incorporates a range of mapping, testing and review. 

Combined with many years of problem solving and experience we are able to offer a spot check reference, using UKAS accredited equipment to ensure your systems are working as they should or investigate issues that may stem from the equipment.  

    SRS also combines a personal review directly with your lab staff to ensure that we are all working in synergy to enhance the outputs from your facility

    A Reference visit typically involves an engineer visit for a full day.  This is conducted either entirely on site or on site / off site depending on your requirements.

    The purpose of the visit is to help your team and services using reference equipment to check for deviations.  Your results are confidential and entirely kept within the operation.