Kombipure - Disinfection Detergent (Concentrate) – IVFSynergy
Kombipure - Disinfection Detergent (Concentrate) - IVFSynergy

Kombipure - Disinfection Detergent (Concentrate)

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Long-term effect, no alcohol, odourless. Kombipure is a concentrate used for the disinfection and cleaning of most surfaces and objects. It does not contain alcohol.

Everyday use 

Available in 2 & 10 Litre Bottles

Active substances

Quaternary ammonium compounds and nonionic surfactants.

Microbiological effect

Bactericide, fungicide and selective virucide.


The combination is protein and fat solubilising. It neutralises bacteria that cause odour. Does not irritate the skin, does not stain, and has a cleansing effect. It dissolves dried blood clots, containing no volatile toxic components, and thus it is possible to use in enclosed spaces. It has good compatibility with metals, rubber, plastic and wood.

Instructions for use

Everyday cleaning: dilution 1: 100 (10ml Combination in 1 litre of water)


At least 1 year durability, even after opening.