Kelmec RU - Surface Disinfection – IVFSynergy
Kelmec RU - Surface Disinfection - IVFSynergy

Kelmec RU - Surface Disinfection

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Below you will find some useful product details

Long-term effect, no alcohol, odourless. Kelmec RU is a ready-to-use product, without alcohol, for all surfaces and objects available in a range of sizes and dispensing options.

  • 50ml Spray
  • 1 Litre Spray
  • 5 Litre
  • 10 Litre 
  • Wipes
  • Refill Wipes

Active substances

Quaternary ammonium compounds.

Microbiological effect

Bactericide, fungicide, selective virucide.


Kelmec RU is effective against

• Hepatitis B, AIDS virus (HIV), Rotavirus, TbB

• Influenza A virus (H5N1 Bird flu, H1N1, Swine flu)

• Herpesvirus Type 1 and Type 2



Kelmec RU does not irritate the skin, does not stain, dissolves dried blood patches, has a neutral odor, neutralizes bacteria that cause poor odor, does not evaporate, does not oxidize metal and has good compatibility with all kinds of materials such as metal, plastic, rubber and wood.


The liquid and wipes are ready for use.

Instructions for use

Kelmec RU is applied undiluted. May be applied using a syringe or cloth. Items can also be flushed or immersed in the product.



At least 1 year durability, even after opening.