Karinon RU - Disinfectant – IVFSynergy
Karinon RU - Disinfectant - IVFSynergy

Karinon RU - Disinfectant

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Long-term effect, no alcohol, odourless. 

  • 2 Litre bottle
  • 6 Litre bottle

Karinon RU

A ready-to-use solution for disinfecting and cleaning instruments in steel or hard metal.


Karinon RU has a disinfectant and cleaning effect. The product dissolves dried blood stains and has a neutral odour. 

Removes odour caused by bacteria and has good compatibility with all kinds of materials.

The liquid is ready for use.

Instructions for use

Place the instruments in Karinon RU solution for at least 15 minutes, in ultrasound 5 minutes. Karinon RU solution should be changed once a week.



At least 1 year durability, even after opening.

Active substances

Quaternary ammonium compounds.


Microbiological effect

Bactericide, fungicide and selective virucide.


Among other things, effective against

• Hepatitis B, HIV, Rota virus, Mycobacteria

• Influenza A virus (H5N1 bird flu, H1N1 swine flu).