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IVFtech - Z tables

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The IVFtech Z tables are designed for use in the operating theater when doing oocyte retrieval. It has a clean smooth heated surface ideal for any warming blocks and media flasks.  The draw can be used for storage or the draw can also be heated for heating the tools.

The IVFtech uniformed heated Z tables comes in a wide range of variations

Available with a fixed or electronic stand. 

Also available is the Battery Table for power back up on the move in Theatre

Battery table advantages:

• Ergonomic design

• Heated table top

• Full flexibility to work without A/C power

• 230v / 180w outlets for equipment

• More than 8 hours working time with table heating alone

• More than 6 hours working time with 2 tube warmers attached

• Option for heated drawer

• Hi-macs or stainless steel