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IVFtech - Double Sided Sterile Cabinet

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IVFtech DS Sterile cabinet is a double-sided cabinet which allows the embryologists to work from both sides simultaneously providing a space saving and sociable solution.

The cabinet can have up to 4 heated working areas with stereo microscopes and 2 extra small heated areas in the middle all independently controlled.

Ideal for both small and larger laboratories as a peninsular or island unit.

Filtration Class H-14 HEPA filters in accordance with EN 1822. Filter efficiency 99.999% against 0.3 μm particle size. 99.995% in MPPS.


• User friendly interface

• Easy to service

• Easy to clean

• Slope front for ergonomic work

• Fits all major microscope brands

• Space efficient solution for up to 4 people

• More work areas in less space

• Effective work flow

• Adjustable fan speed

• Adjustable light intensity 

• Built in timer

• Low noise level

• High degree of configuration available

• Option for electrical elevation stand

• Hi-Macs or stainless steel

• 120,180, 210, 240 cm Sizes