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IVFtech - Anti Vibration Platforms

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The IVFtech anti-vibration tables are designed primarily for ICSI procedures but all tables are designed to meet the requirements for all models of inverted microscopes and can therefore be used for all applications where vibration dampening is crucial.

A lightweight and compact vibration absorption systems allows to significantly reduce unwanted vibrations translated to working environment from environmental noise : People walking, Doors Closing, Outside Traffic, etc. IVFtech AV significantly absorb vibrations and disturbances for Inverted Microscopes

These units can be built as standalone tables or with full integration into class I or class II cabinets 

Table top Hi-MACS

The surface of the table comes in Hi-MACS, which is natural minerals blended with pure acrylic resin to form a solid durable material. It is available in many different colors.

It is easy to clean, hygienic and does not absorb liquids or odors. 

• Active Electro Mechanical Vibration Isolation System

• Highly Damped Step Response

• Active Vibration Control Bandwidth 0.5Hz – 100Hz

• Excellent position stability with low susceptibility to external noise

• Microprocessor controlled algorithms

• Variable damping technology

• Monitoring capability on a PC for real time measurements of the system plus surroundings

• Ethernet network connection used for PC connectivity

• Self-test at power up