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Astec - IVF CUBE

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Drawer Type Incubator AD-3100


  • Independent Temperature, CO2 and O2 sensors on each drawer, independent control.
  • Extremely stable in culture environment.
  • Each drawer is a separate, hand-held incubation chamber.
  • Independent alarm system on each drawer.



Overall Dimension W562 x D570 x H610 (mm)
Drawer Specifications
Usable Dimension W180 x D217 x H20 (mm)
Volume 775ml
Capacity Equivalent to four 4-well MultiDishes
Drawer Weight 3.5lbs/2.8kg
Number of Drawers 4 drawers
Temperature Control
Control System Digital PID
Range 7℃ above ambient to 40℃
Accuracy ±0.1℃ (*1)
Uniformity ±0.2℃ (*1)
CO2 Control
Sensor Type IR Sensor
Range 0% - 10.0%
Accuracy ±0.3%
O2 Control
Sensor Type Galvanic Battery
Range 4.0% - 10.0%
Accuracy ±0.5%
Humidity 90%±5%RH
Humidity System Natural Evaporation
Required Gas CO2 and N2
Flow Rate CO2 40ml/min , N2 120ml/min
Alarm Functions Temperature, CO2, O2
Alarm Output DC12V 0.3A (Option)
Safety Function Overheat Prevention (Software Control)
Analog Output Temperature/CO2/O2 (Option)
Machine Weight 176lbs/80kg
Electrical AC100-120V 5A(Max) 50/60Hz
AC200-240V 6.5A(Max) 50/60Hz

*1 Measured on the bottom of chamber