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Inverted Joystick mechanical Micro Injector that fits a wide range of inverted scopes from main dealers like Nikon, Olympus and Leica for a range of Manipulation Techniques.  Suited to perform ICSI with ease.

If you have not seen this system before we recommend that you have a look.  Very user friendly,easy to adapt from current ICSI practice and an excitably priced alternative to other systems. 




• Suitable for ICSI, IMSI and PGS / PGD cases - ultra responsive and smooth

• Completely manual system, no electronic coarse manipulator is required

• Large movement range X/Y/Z: 20 mm each, 2 mm for X/Y, 1 mm for Z with one complete turn of handle

• Adjustable X/Y travel range from 0 to 2 mm for joystick (factory set is 2 mm)

• Easy micropipette position at each time “MANUAL HOME POSITION”

• Adjustable micropipette holder angle between 20° and 40°

• Micropipette holder fixing knob reduces vibration and allows easy handling of sperm (reduces sperm tail breakage)

• 3D Hydraulic Manipulation Joysticks for smooth movement • Long hydraulic tubes (1000 mm) gives user comfort

• Pneumatic Air Injector for ICSI and HOLDING side

• 15 mm total travel range for Air Injector • Long tubing length (1100 mm) and thin inner diameter gives high precision for Air Injector

• Sensitive injectors are same on both sides and interchangeable if needed

Unlike other systems this unit can be moved to another microscopes with ease meaning that upgrades, cleaning, service, breakages etc are all much easier dealt with.  Its a great idea that we really appreciate at IVFsynergy