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ESCO - MIRI - Mini

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Built on the robust and reliable MIRI® design, the Mini MIRI® Benchtop Incubator is a humidified incubator that provides a stable culture environment. It has two chambers and HEPA/VOC filtration on the incoming airstream. The compact design and direct heat regulation further translate to faster temperature and gas recovery

Optimized Heating Plates

Each chamber contains a heating optimization plate to facilitate heat transfer directly to the culture dishes. It has inserts to fit various dish sizes (Falcon, Nunc, Vitrolife, Oosafe, Lifeglobal, NIPRO and Universal Plain Insert). The plate is removable for easy cleaning.


We love the little details. It counts.

IVF practitioners deal with precious and fragile little things (embryos) and often, the little details make a big difference. The Miri has a large LED display that can be easily seen from a distance. Also, the glass lid tops, while acting as chamber insulators, can be written on the surface -- a very useful feature for the center.

Do more with your Miri

Let go of bulky computers and save space with a tablet. Monitor the performance of your Miri incubator with a full-featured and user-friendly control panel, display and data logging software. All real time parameters such as temperature, gas concentration points, gas input pressures, gas flow rates, and even pH measurement can be conveniently viewed.