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ESCO - Miri 6 chamber system

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The more you know about the Miri Benchtop Incubator, the more you'll love it. Discover all kinds of things you can do to get the most out of Miri, designed to provide VIP treatment to your embryos for maximum growth potential.

The Miri's overall design provides cultured embryos a minimum-stress environment. The 6-chamber format prevents cross-contamination while HEPA+VOC filtration cleans the airstream. The chambers are also independent of each other; hence, any disruption such as temperature drop when opening the lid will have no impact on the rest of the system.

Unprecedented Faster Recovery

One of the advantages of Miri benchtop multi-room incubator is the speed of recovering temperature and gas parameters after opening a chamber. Say good-bye to stressors due to fluctuations in temperature and gas concentration.


Optimized Heating Plates

Each chamber contains a heating optimization plate to facilitate heat transfer directly to the culture dishes. It has inserts to fit various dish sizes (Falcon, Nunc, Vitrolife, Oosafe, Lifeglobal, NIPRO and Universal Plain Insert). The plate is removable for easy cleaning.


SafeSens Integration for Continuous pH Monitoring

Gain peace of mind with the continuous pH monitoring system integrated to the Miri incubator. This technology used in combination with disposable sensors accurately and reliably monitors the pH of small volumes of fluids such as the media used during embryo culture without having to remove samples from the incubator(s).

We love the little details. It counts.

IVF practitioners deal with precious and fragile little things (embryos) and often, the little details make a big difference. The Miri has a large LED display that can be easily seen from a distance. Also, the glass lid tops, while acting as chamber insulators, can be written on the surface -- a very useful feature for the center.

Do more with your Miri

Let go of bulky computers and save space with a tablet. Monitor the performance of your Miri incubator with a full-featured and user-friendly control panel, display and data logging software. All real time parameters such as temperature, gas concentration points, gas input pressures, gas flow rates, and even pH measurement can be conveniently viewed.