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Eggtech - Animal Sector

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At Eggtech we are proud to have earned a reputation for quality products and customer service.  

We've partnered with IVFsynergy to deliver technical equipment, consumables and laboratory expertise to our clients in the animal IVF sector. 


We endeavour at all time to provide the most reliable and safest products available.


EGG Tech specialises in the supply of

  • Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination products for animal reproduction
  • Sera for Biosciences
  • Cell Culture and Laboratory products

Although some products from IVFsynergy and Eggtech are compatible not all products are suitable, please contact one of the team for further information.

Distribution rights granted by other leading manufacturers and suppliers, makes our portfolio not only the most comprehensive, but also the most readily available assortment of products for animal practitioners throughout the world.

Our careful choice of association with internationally well-respected manufacturers is designed to maximise user opportunities of success whilst minimising valuable resources of time, energy and ultimately cost, in searching for suitable supplies.