Disinfection - Deep Clean and Decontamination – IVFSynergy
Disinfection - Deep Clean and Decontamination - IVFSynergy

Disinfection - Deep Clean and Decontamination

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Our Service team is able to conduct a range of procedures using a unique technology for decontamination.

Ranging from a suite of rooms and laboratory / theatres to individual equipment.  This procedure is especially useful at the end of a product life and allows the issue of a comprehensive decontamination certificate, allowing removal of clinical waste through regular disposal means.

Disinfection/decontamination is carried out in many different situations. It can be part of a routine, on a need-to-do basis or be a key element of an outbreak management strategy or when removing an item for disposal safely.

In any case, disinfection is most often done manually which is labour intensive, time consuming as well as costly.

The unique technology produces a ‘dry’ fog based on a patented formula:

Hydrogen Peroxide       H₂O₂ <8%

Peracetic Acid               CH₃CO₃H <0,2%

Our system will combat all four known types of harmful microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, spores and virus. The extremely stable (3-year shelf life) formula is non-corrosive and leaves nothing behind other than water vapour, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Efficient against bacteria, fungi, spores and virus

The fog created with the system saturates the space into which it is introduced. It consists of droplets smaller than 10µm that settle on to all surfaces, regardless of where in the room they are as well as which way they are oriented. The fog is described as ‘dry’ as it leaves no moisture behind.
As the formula is considered non-corrosive, lab equipment including computers can be left unprotected during treatment– on or off. 

NON-corrosive – stable and replicable*

*Replicable and traceable disinfection procedure as prescribed for pharmaceutical production. (GMP, FDA).