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Decontamination - Room Deep Clean - IVFSynergy

Decontamination - Room Deep Clean

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Decontamination of space

Efficient and environmentally friendly decontamination of rooms using a unique, mobile and fully automated machine. Provides flexibility, saving time and resources. 

Both for routine decontamination as well as bulk deep clean or new build facilities

Active substances

Hydrogen surfactant (H2O2) 8% and peracetic acid (CH3CO3H) 0.2% which rapidly disperses at the end of the cycle with no long term residue or effects for the laboratory or space leaving only water and oxygen.


Microbiological effect

Bactericides, fungicides and virucides incl. spores.


Among other things, effective against


• Clostridium difficile.

• Influenza A virus (H5N1 Bird flu, H1N1, Swine flu)

• More than 200 other pathogens and microorganisms.


When used with the specially developed liquid, it is active against all four types of pathogenic microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. It is not corrosive and leaves nothing but water and oxygen.


The liquid is ready for use.


Instructions for use

The room is measured and prepared for decontamination. The liquid is poured onto the machine and time is entered according to the measurement. The room is left and the machine decontaminates using a dusting spray which is migrates on the air to make contact on all surfaces, behind units and inside structures.  

After 4 hours the room can be used again, so an evening operation normally is preferred for out of hours work and procedures.