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Kamilin - Foam Disinfectant - IVFSynergy

Kamilin - Foam Disinfectant

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Long-term effect, no alcohol, odourless. Khamomile is a disinfectant product for hand and skin hygiene. Khamomile is a water-based solution that is ready for use. 

The product does not contain alcohol and is suitable for all pre and post stages of disinfection protocols.

Available in a range of options

  • 500 ml Wall Pump
  • 500 ml Dose Pump
  • 500 ml Bottle
  • 5,10 Litre Bottles 

Active substances

Hydrogen surfactant (H2O2) 8% and peracetic acid (CH3CO3H) 0.2%

Microbiological effect

Rapid bactericidal (E. coli) and fungicide (Candida) in 30 sec. It has been proven that Kamilin is better as hand disinfectant than 60% isopropanol after ½ min. exposure. The active ingredients in Kamilin are also effective against influenza A virus.


Neutralizes bacteria that cause bad odor. Chamomile is very suitable for frequent use as it does not dry out the skin. Does not stain. Solves dried blood stains. Has a neutral smell. Long-acting.