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IVFtech - Humidification

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The gas bobble flask humidifies the 5% CO2 gas mixture before use. The humidified gas is used for conditioning the IVF culture media.  and as gas flow source in connection with oocyte aspiration or embryo transfer.

The glass hoods for CO2 flow to the culture dishes which are to be used to equilibrate the culture medium.

The air coming through the flow meter in the back wall of the cabinet is not preheated. Use the warming block for gas bobble flask to heat the gas bobble flask.


Cat no.:

31700000 Glass bobble flask
31700000 Warming block for glass bobble flask
31325000 Glass hood ø 130 mm h 25 mm
31700000 Glass hood ø 130mm height 100mm
31315000 Glass hood ø 130mm height 150mm