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CBS - XC 34/18 Dewar

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Manual-fill Cryosystems provide versatile, low cost sample storage at cryogenic temperatures with maximum capacity and low liquid nitrogen consumption.


  • ‘XC’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Value Added’ Series fulfill a wide range of storage requirements
  • Capacities from 210 to 6,000 2ml vials
  • Advanced vacuum and insulation for maximum thermal performance
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction and roller bases for easy mobility
  • Storage solutions for vials and straws
  • Easy access to store and retrieve samples
  • Sample security with low-level alarm and lockable lids (padlock not supplied)

PHC Europe B.V. also offers the XC 20/20 cryosystem and the XC 34/18 within the same series.

  • Compact Cryosystems for vial or straw storage.
  • With roller base and handle mounted low level alarm.

 XC 34/18

Liquid Nitrogen Capacity 34.8 ltr
Static Evaporation Rate 0.18 ltr/days
Static Holding Time 123 days
Working Volume
Weight empty 15.4 kg
Weight full 43.5 kg
Neck opening (mm) 89 mm
Overall height (mm) 675 mm
Outside diameter (mm) 464 mm
Canister height (mm) 279 mm
Canister diameter (mm) 71 mm
Maximum number of racks
Maximum vial capacity
Maximum number of canisters
Maximum boxes per rack
Maximum number of 1/2cc straws (10/cane) 2100
Maximum number of 1/2cc straws (1 level bulk) 3000
Maximum number of 1.2