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Astec - AP Incubator range - Water Jacket

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Long-trusted performance since the early 90’s, Penguin AQ provides the most accurate and stable cell-culturing environment for temperature, gas levels and humidity. Tightly sealed by the water-jacketed chamber, Penguin AQ achieves more than 98% humidity without condensation, which minimizes culture media evaporation and keeps the osmolarity at the same optimal level for the entire culture.
  • Optimum Environment: Distinguished temperature, gas concentration and humidity retaining with water-jacketed chamber.
  • User-Friendly: Automatic Setup Function for easy setup.
  • Cleanliness: Air filter (optional), shelves and all the other interior components can be installed or removed without any tools.
  • Precision: Automatic CO2 calibration (standard for Infra-Red CO2 sensor models) enables consistent and precise CO2 control. Automatic O2 calibration is available with the APM models.
32L / 1.13ft3 Model 57L / 2.01ft3 Model
  CO2 Incubator Tri-Gas Incubator CO2 Incubator Tri-Gas Incubator
Exterior dim (mm) 410Wx400Dx400H 450Wx472Dx605H
Inner dim (mm) 320Wx300Dx330H   360Wx370Dx430H  
Shelf dim 280Wx266D / 11.0×10.5 338Wx332D / 13.3×13.1
Shelves  Standard:3 Maxium:7 Standard:3 Maxium:10
Heating method Water-jacket
Temp con Digital PID Control
Temp R  Ambient temperature +5℃, up to 50℃
Temp acc ±0.1℃
CO2 sensor T/C IR T/C IR T/C IR T/C IR
CO2 range 0-19.9%
CO2 Accuracy ±0.1%
O2 control system - On-Off control (Galvanic) - On-Off control (Galvanic)
O2 control range - 1-20%@RH95%(CO25%) - 1-20%@RH95%(CO25%)
O2 control accuracy - ±0.5% - ±0.5%
Power AC 100-220V 3A  ※220VCE Certified
Weight 28kg / 61.7lb 46kg / 101.4lb

*Access port (internal diameter 30Φmm). An access port is standard on the Penguin 50L and optional in one of 7 different locations on the Penguin 30L.