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IVFtech is a family run company producing advanced equipment for the Global IVF sector. The art and science of human assisted reproduction often demands individual solutions where strict considerations must be given to the culture conditions and the growth environment of gametes and embryos.


IVFtech Global is based at facilities at Stenløse, Denmark. All our products are manufactured in Denmark. We believe in high quality and close relationships with our customers and subcontractors.  We strive to ensure that we have the right people in the right place.


Experience from our daily work in the laboratory since 1977 has been the key to inspiration and innovation of the equipment we manufacture. In short: We know how well our products work because we use them every day.  We make only the right products for the IVF sector that we know how to make.  We have fine tuned that process over many years.

Please review all our products in the IVFsynergy Product pages - due to the vast range we offer and the bespoke nature of the Microscope integration, the team at IVFsynergy will need to talk to you to create your estimate.

Service & Support 

All our maintenance and service is carried out by our experienced and skilled UK team with the direct support of IVFtech in Denmark.  Access of filters can be performed from the front of the cabinet which in turn reduces down time during service and overall disruption to your laboratory.

IVFtech Class II cabinet with scopeIVFtech Dual Workstation 1 scopeIVFtech Unica Isolator


All our IVF tech products are found in the IVFsynergy Catalogue with some of the best highlights below

IVFtech Class II 

Made to meet the requirements for modern IVF laboratories, used for such as “vitrification” cabinets “sperm collection” cabinets, “routine work” cabinets.

  1. Low noise level - <53 dB(A)
  2. IVFtech Class II has been designed to give you the lowest noice level on the market
  3. Filtration / Class H-14 HEPA filters in accordance with EN 1822. Filter efficiency 99.999% against 0.3 μm particle size. 99.995% in MPPS. 

90cm (3ft) 120cm (4ft) 150cm (5ft) 180cm (6ft)

Customised to your requirements and Microscope configuration - We have been doing this work for many years and are the market leaders in the UK

 All our Workstations can be adapted to fit Electronic Witnessing technology in a wide range of sizes and configurations.


Featured Product  Tubewarmer

  • IVFtech tubewarmer fits 14 test tubes 14ml.
  • Temperature easy to change using clear display.
  • Removeable sides for access to recess areas to aid cleaning.
  • Aluminium block covers 2/3 of the tube which gives better uniform heat to the tubes and the full length of the fluid or media 
  • CE Marked 
  • Used by several clinics in the UK for egg collection where the standard shorter grant heated block would be used.IVFtech Tube warmer

Dimensions (cm):

  • W:10 D:20 H:13,5
  • Heater power: 40W
  • Setpoint: Ambient to 50° C

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