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Gynétics Medical Products is a leading, innovative, international manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality IVF devices and appliances in the global IVF market. Developing top quality products and providing great service are at the core of our business. We think fast, are flexible, and always carefully consider our clients’ needs.




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By playing a modest part in a precarious and uncertain process, our IVF products make an important contribution to the creation of a new life. This makes us feel good. Our determined focus on the latest developments is a key driver of our success.


Family is in our DNA. We're like a family to our Belgian employees, to our global partners, and to those who use our products. Working together, we can achieve great things.


Find out what others have said about our products

Dr. Hildebrandt about Gynétics' products

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, HonFRCVS, Dip. ECZM

"I’m very happy and satisfied with the collaboration with Gynétics. Gynétics products are better than former prototypes we used from other companies. For me Gynétics is a very trustworthy partner and I know that when we get new challenges, with new species in crisis, Gynétics is the partner to develop new prototypes with."

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Testimonial GRUPO EMB

“Never a no” - “Great sense of security”

Grupo EMB is the market leader in medical equipment for Assisted Human Reproduction and Gynaecological Techniques in Spain and Portugal. The company was founded in 1988 by four medical professionals. Founder and General Manager Mr. Sergio Oliveró: “With my background in biology, it all started with an interest in exploring Assisted Human Reproduction further. Grupo EMB was one of the first companies of its kind in Spain. Nowadays we oversee ten companies, covering all of Spain and Portugal. As a group, we are most proud of our independency, which enables us to stay true to our core beliefs. Grupo EMB values customer loyalty and the way we interact with our stakeholders.”


Grupo EMB first started working with Gynétics in 1991, cooperating on several projects. A warm personal relationship developed, based on mutual trust and respect. Both companies grew steadily throughout the years, and so did their collaboration. Sergio Oliveró: “There is never a no with Gynétics. The staff is always available to work with Grupo EMB in order to pursue and achieve final objectives. Any product modifications that we may request are competently met. To me, the efficient way in which Gynétics deals with partners’ requests, is one of their strongest points. Gynétics is a flexible company that is very capable and always keen to innovate. This collaboration gives us a great sense of security, knowing that we will have the best possible products, at the right time. Gynétics truly understands how to respond to our specific needs.”

Founder and General Manager Mr. Sergio Olivéro - Grupo EMB

Gynétics offers an extensive range of high quality IVF devices and appliances. The product development process is a continuous effort, and each product line offers a multitude of alternatives. 
“Gynétics is quite adept in finding solutions for any obstacle that may occur. With their fast delivery system, we never need to worry about capacity/stocks, which is very reassuring. I can vividly recall one specific instance, when we were in dire need of a product replacement. Gynétics implemented a substitute and backed up our stock system not only to a national scale, but with such speed that it must have broken records. We were very satisfied with the fast and smooth transition.”


The future:
“We very much look forward to continuing our long term relationship with Gynétics. The guarantee of having the latest and most innovative products gives us the ‘peace of mind’ we were looking for. Gynétics offers an extensive range of products at a good price/quality ratio. More importantly, our relationship is based on friendship and confidence. That is hard to find, nowadays. Needless to say we place great trust in working with Gynétics.”


ISO 13485:2003 & 2012 Certificate

ISO 13485:2003 CMDCAS Certificate

CE Directive 93/42/EEC Certificate: Annex II
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