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Gynetics - The Tulip Memo - IVFSynergy

Gynetics - The Tulip Memo

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The Tulip is a set for difficult cervical passage, consisting of two parts:
a guiding catheter (A) and a loading catheter (C).



  • The Tulip tip enables easy atraumatic entry through the cervical canal
  • Mandrel available for extra difficult transfers
  • Positioner for depth adjustment
  • A combination of a soft, flexible intrauterine catheter and a solid cervix catheter with memory
  • Markings on outer tube for easy positioning
  • Memo function of the guiding catheter
  • 5 free mandrels to preshape the guiding catheter in every box of 25 pieces
  • Handle with luer lock for a more secure connection to syringes
  • Reinforced metal support of loading catheter for optimal control

Gyno Info The Tulip Memo


A) 200 mm (± 2 mm)
C) 266 mm (± 2 mm)

Tube OD:

A) 2.20 mm (± 0.05 mm)
C) 1.00 mm (± 0.05 mm)

Total Volume:

C) 0.21 ml

Total volume minus hub:

C) 0.069 ml

Sterile: sterilized by radiation

75/shipping box

Quality control: MEA and LAL
Order number: #4000 Memo