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Gynetics - Superior Fas – Single Lumen Flush

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The Superior FAS, the follicle aspiration set is implemented for ultrasound-guided, transvaginal harvesting of oocytes from follicles for IVF and ICSI.


  • Flushing connector enables flushing and aspirating during complicated oocyte retrieval or when few mature oocytes occure
  • Flushing and aspirating procedure is performed separately through one lumen
  • Sharp lancet and back cut bevel tip available that ensure a clean facet cutting
  • Dual laser and embossed echogenic marked tip available which offer stable and excellent vision during ultrasound
  • Translucent tubing in the same size as needle for safe oocyte retrieval
  • Various needle sizes for ovaries with complicated and/or limited access
  • Handle shape facilitates rotation
  • Custom-made

Gyno Info Superior Fas – Single Lumen Flush

Sterile: sterilized by gamma irradiation

50/shipping box (standard configuration)

Quality control: MEA and LAL
Order number: #4551
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